Angela Ng



ANtrepod is the brain-child of Angela Ng.  Angela has over 20 years of experience in the Marketing and Advertising industry, and have helped many Fortune 500 brands successfully built their brands and business.  She has been in a leadership position for a decade with proven business results and strong team management skills. 

She worked her way up in the advertising industry from a Junior Executive to becoming one of the youngest women CEO in the ad industry.  She has a strong international business acumen, having worked extensively across the world, from Singapore to APAC (including China) with USA and Europe. 

As a result driven entrepreneur, she has many “start-ups” achievements and experiences - from setting up in-house training team, regional business teams, growing an outpost office in Beijing that delivers 600% growth in 3 years, to launching new agency brands in Singapore and China.  As a business leader, her teams had the lowest turn over rate in a high turn over industry, and have won accolades and recognitions from the industry.  Many young talents have benefitted from her mentorship to become leaders in the industry.

She believes her success with people and business lies in her passion to understand people’s needs and helping people to grow from all experiences.  She wanted to use her experience in business and life to help other becomes successful and live life to the fullest, like she does.

Driven by this passion, Angela now leverages her experience in business management, leadership and talent development fully to the area of learning and development.  She had been wearing a double hat as in-house trainer for the industry since her advertising days for over a decade.  She had also lectured in many Universities including Peking University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University from 2007 to 2012.  She was also a spirited speaker at the ‘’4th Rich Media Advertising Conference’’ in Shanghai (2008) and “Media 360 Summit” in Hong Kong (2015).